David Atherton

Chief Instructor

4th Dan

I am a husband and father of 2. After this, I am the chief instructor at Satori-Do Shotokan Karate Club.


My training experience spans over 26 years, practicing and studying karate where I hold the rank of 4th Dan, achieved in 2010. My first grading was in 1994 where my passion began to chase down that black belt status. Little did I know, that when I had reached the black belt status in 1999 with the Amateur Martial Arts Association, back in St. Helens, my journey had only just begun…


After years of practicing and learning, I started to compete;


I held 5 national titles for Kata with numerous 2nd and 3rd positions for Kata and Kumite and I was a triple Gold medallist at the 'International Youth Games' in Rendsburg, Germany.  I also tried out for the GB squad and competed at the British and International championships.


I am also part of the coaching team for the 'International Youth Games' where we have had 6 of our students over the past 3-4 years compete and come away with many prestigious titles and podium finishes. This is something we are very proud to be apart of. Not only that we compete at national championships where again we have come away with podium finishes, a huge triumph for the club and it's an honour to be teaching and developing the students we have to compete at these levels of competitions.


Karate is a passion, not a hobby, nor a job. I will continue to learn and pass this down to others so they can too become passionate about it.




Contact details: 


Telephone: 07473 647334

Email: satoridokarate@gmail.com

Robert Constable


2nd Dan

At the age of 40 years old my 5 year old son decided he wanted to join karate. So to encourage him and have a bit of father/son time I decided to join too.


Within a month we were both hooked on karate. The question was how far could we go, and within 4 years at the club I had achieved black belt (1st Dan) & 3 years later I became a 2nd Dan black belt, my son also achieved his 1st Dan black belt.

After 20 years of training I am now a senior instructor at the club. My passion has never been to compete, but to learn, understand and to train hard. 


I take great satisfaction in instructing the students to make sure they achieve their full potential, but to do it with meaning and understanding.


Karate has given me so much, I want to give back. The benefits are fantastic to, it gives you fitness, teaches you new skills to defend yourself, builds up confidence, but more importantly is fun.

Graham Dodgson


1st Dan

I started my martial arts journey in Shotokan Karate 16 years ago. I have the rank of a 1st Dan black belt which I gained in 2010 under the Amateur Martial Arts Association.


I have had numerous injuries over the years which hampered me progressing towards my 2nd Dan (which is now in on the agenda for 2020). So during this time I have practiced, learned, studied and taught which, led to the proud moment of jointly running the club with David Atherton after Carol Gaston (the founder) retired.

I have entered numerous competitions over the years, unfortunately not coming out with any medals, but gaining the experience and knowledge to teach others. 

I am part of the International Youth Games karate coaching team along with Dave, where we compete in different countries over the world. I aid in the training and developing the team and proud to say over the past few years that we have had 6 of our students take part in this and come away with many medals, gold, silver and bronze!


My past training before my 16 years in Shotokan Karate include Kickboxing and Wado Ryu karate in which I trained in for 5 years.


Contact details:


Telephone: 07792 697262

Email: satoridokarate@gmail.com

Dee Dalzell

Safegaurding Welfare Officer

1st Kyu

Dee is our new Safeguarding welfare officer, Dee is a 1st Kyu and we are so pleased to have Dee appointed into this position as she is a big part of the club.

We will ask to Dee to write a little about herself in the near future...

Contact details:

Telephone: 07881 547333

Email: deedalzell@btinternet.com


Carol Gaston


4th Dan

I started learning karate when I was 30 years old.


The first club I trained at, was at the YMCA in St Helens, under the tutorage of Nicki Edwards. About 7 months later, it became a family affair my husband and my 2 sons joined me. I trained there until I got my top brown belt (1st kyu), then moved on to Jeff Taberns club, also in St Helens and achieved my 1st Dan black belt, where my husband and 2 sons also gained their black belts.


Soon after we moved to Morecambe where I opened my first of 3 Shotokan Karate Clubs. 2 of the clubs that I opened years later, we merged into our main club due to the popularity of the current one you train in today.

After 30 years of training and acheiving the rank of 4th Dan, it was time for retirement and for my son David Atherton to take over the club I opened 23 years ago. 

Over my career I competed in many competitions earning 9 medals, top finish was 2nd, I just could never quite reach that Gold medal spot, but that never stopped me trying.


One of the legacies that I have left is for the 17+ black belts that I have graded over the 19 years. I know that I have instilled great karate into these outstanding people. I am extremely proud of these students and their achievements and always will be.